TORCH Infections

TORCH is a medical acronym for a set of perinatal infections, caused by a group of viral, bacterial and protozoan infections that gain access to the fetal bloodstream transplacentally via the chorionic villi. TORCH infections can lead to severe fetal anomalies or even fetal loss.  Hematogenous transmission may occur at any time during gestation or occasionally at the time of delivery via maternal-to-fetal transfusion.

All PCR diagnostic kits contains specific Internal control, in case of Rubella PCR kit (R-V24-S) (RNA detection) there is a special Internal control for additional analyzis of reverse transcription and cDNA production efficiency.

Parvovirus B19 PCR kit (R-V49) allows also to quantify viral DNA in clinical material. The linear range is 800 to 10.000.000 copies per 1 ml of sample.

New CE
Type Pack Cat. No. Name Description Kit
No. of
 CE Real Time PCR Only R-P1(RG,iQ,Mx)-CEToxoplasma gondii-FRT
Toxoplasma gondii DNA Real Time amplification kit.Non-aliquoted60
 CE Real Time PCR Only R-V49(RG,iQ,Mx)-CEParvovirus B19-FRT
Parvovirus B19 DNA Real Time amplification kit. QUANTITATIVENon-aliquoted60
 CE Real Time RT+PCRR-V24-S(RG,iQ,Mx)-CERubella virus–FRT
Rubella virus One-Step RT-PCR kitNon-aliquoted60
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