Gardnerella vaginalis

Gardenerella vaginalis is just one of many causes of bacterial vaginosis caused by an increased production  of the naturally occurring bacteria G. vaginalis. It is presumed to be a sexually transmitted disease and is often found in conjunction with a variety of other anaerobic bacteria. The most common symptom of G. vaginalis infection is a "fishy" smelling discharge and gray-white secretions.

G. vaginalis PCR qualitative kits are built for fast and accurate detection of the pathogen. PCR kits contain Internal Control for detection of DNA extraction efficiency, as well as control of amplification process.

For detection, 2 channels – FAM/Green and JOE/Yellow/HEX are needed.

New CE
Type Pack Cat. No. Name Description Kit
No. of
 CE Real Time PCR Only R-B7-F(RG,iQ)-CEGardnerella vaginalis-FRT
Gardnerella vaginalis DNA Real Time amplification kit
 CE FEP PCR Only B7-100-R0,2-FEP-CEGardnerella vaginalis-FEP
Gardnerella vaginalis DNA amplification kit. Adapted for АLА-1/4
Aliquoted in tubes110
Real TimeFEP KitsElectrophoresis KitsAla 1/4 Detector