FEP kit

FEP (Fluorescence End Point) analysis combines classical instrumentation lightweight of PCR (standard thermocycler) with a sensitivity, specificity and the ability to analyze multiple reactions, characteristic for the Real Time diagnostics.

For the FEP analysis is needed only 4 channel fluorescence detector ALA 1/4, that measures fluorescence response immediately after standard PCR. As chemistry of the FEP reaction is identical with the Real Time reaction, measured fluorescence levels are in proportion to the amount of the amplicone. ALA 1/4 is also capable to detect 4 different types of pathogens in a single PCR reaction. This greatly reduces time, needed to the diagnosis itself, gives complete picture of potential zoonotic disease and dramatically reduces the price of a PCR examination.

FEP analysis follows the PCR reaction without microtube opening, so the risk of contamination of the laboratory environment is significantly reduced.

ALA-1 / 4 works with FEP PCR kits, that enable:

  • performing PCR diagnostics and analysis in a single, closed microtube – substantially eliminates contamination
  • carrying out amplification and detection in the same room – reduces space requirement and operating
  • detection in 4 independent channels (FAM, JOE, ROX, Cy5)  – simultaneously detect up to 4 different infectious pathogens
  • recording, storing and interpreting results without the need of electrophoresis and gel documentation equipment


All FEP PCR diagnostic kits are pre-treated in microtubes.

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