Epstein-Barr virus

Most EBV infections are acquired during childhood and are asymptomatic. Symptoms, when produced, are undistinguishable from other acute viral syndromes. Many benign and malignant diseases, however, have been associated with EBV in immunocompromised patients. EBV causes Infectious mononucleosis - an acute, self limiting febrile illness in young adults, characterized by fever, sore throat, abdominal discomfort, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tender generalized lymphadenopathy, palatal petechaie and periorbital oedema, as well as with Burkitt's lymphoma. In transplant patients, early and late onset lymphoproliferative diseases are often caused by EBV.

EBV-screen/monitor PCR kit (R-V9-100-S) is used for quantitation of EBV in 1 ml of liquid sample or EBV DNA concentration in copies per the cell quantity. Linear range of EBV-screen/monitor-FRT PCR kit is 500–10.000.000  copies/ml, sensitivity is 400 copies/ml or 5 EBV DNA copies per 10 cells.

For detection, 3 channels - FAM/Green, JOE/Yellow/HEX and ROX/Orange are needed.

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Type Pack Cat. No. Name Description Kit
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 CE Real Time PCR Only R-V9-100-S(RG,iQ,Mx)-CEEBV-screen/monitor-FRT
EBV DNA Real Time amplification kit. QUANTITATIVE. Determination of EBV concentration per number of cells or in 1 ml of liquidNon-aliquoted110
Real TimeFEP KitsElectrophoresis KitsAla 1/4 Detector