CMV infection is common and usually asymptomatic in healthy children and adults, but can cause severe disease in newborns and immunocompromised patients. Infections are often recurrent, caused by reactivation of latent virus (especially in transplant recipients), but reinfection may also occur due to the antigenic diversity of the virus. Infection may cause a mononucleosis-like-syndrome with prolonged fever (lasting 2-3 weeks), malaise, atypical lymphocytosis, cervical lymphadenitis, mild hepatitis and encephalitis.

CMV can persist in body fluids such as urine, saliva and seminal fluids for many years, or can remain dormant until reactivation of latent infection. Transmission occurs through direct contact with body fluids from symptomatic or asymptomatic persons excreting the virus, thus infection may be transmitted between humans and from adults to children through childbirth and breastfeeding.

CMV-screen/monitor PCR kit (R-V7-100-S) is used for quantitation of CMV in 1 ml of liquid sample or CMV DNA concentration in copies per the cell quantity. Linear range of CMV-screen/monitor-FRT PCR kit is 500–10.000.000 copies/ml, sensitivity is 400 copies/ml or 5 CMV DNA copies per 10cells.

For detection, 3 channels - FAM/Green, JOE/Yellow/HEX and ROX/Orange are needed.

New CE
Type Pack Cat. No. Name Description Kit
No. of
 CE Real Time PCR Only R-V7-F(RG,iQ)-CECMV-FRT
CMV DNA Real Time amplification kit 
 CE Real Time PCR Only R-V7-100-S(RG,iQ,Mx)-CECMV-screen/monitor-FRT
CMV DNA Real Time amplification kit. QUANTITATIVE. Determination of CMV concentration per number of cells or in 1 ml of liquidNon-aliquoted110
CMV DNA amplification kit. Adapted for АLА-1/4Aliquoted in tubes110
Real TimeFEP KitsElectrophoresis KitsAla 1/4 Detector