HCV / HBV / HIV-1 / HIV-2

MULTIPLEX kits are based on dual labeled fluorescent probes technology. This technology uses primers and probes for several DNA targets. Identification for each DNA target runs on a different optical channels and it allows to identify simultaneously up to 4 pathogens + Internal Control in one tube. The sensitivity of these tests are not affected by changing the number of infections.

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New  Real Time RT+PCRR-V62(RG,Dt)-CEHCV / HBV / HIV-1 / HIV-2-FRT
HCV / HBV / HIV-1 / HIV-2 One-Step RT-PCR detection and differentiation kit (donors blood screening). 5 optical channels are required.Non-aliquoted100
Real TimeFEP KitsElectrophoresis KitsAla 1/4 Detector