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Ecoli Ltd. provides more than 150 different types of AmpliSens® PCR diagnostic kits for clinical diagnostics. Kits are designed according to laboratory facilities for electrophorese, FEP and Real-Time PCR detection.

Several Real-Time / FEP kits allow in one multiplex PCR reaction to establish the presence of several infectious agents, that increases the speed of detection and reduces the cost of examinations.

PCR diagnostic kits have high sensitivity, high specificity and a very reasonable price. Most of them have CE certificate. The kits are developed and produced by CRIE (RF).  


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CE Mark
  • EC declaration of confirmity (certificate no. 4122.58.01/0) for in vitro diagnostic medical devices according to Annex III of the Directive 98/79/EC here 
  • CE certificate (no.110040 QS/NB) for in vitro diagnostic medical devices  according to Annex II , List B of the Directive 98/79/EC here
  • EC declaration of conformity  for in vitro diagnostic medical devices  according to Annex II , List B of the Directive 98/79/EC (IVD Directive) here 
  • ISO certificate – EN ISO 13485 here 
  • Certificate of Free Sale (FSC) for requirements of local registration or other purposes you can download from here


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2019 New PCR Kits

February 7, 2019

 2019 New PCR kits. See this material.

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Respiratory Infection PCR Kits

May 29, 2018

Wide range of Real-Time PCR kits for diagnostics of Respiratory Infections. See this material. 

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Herpes Virus infection

May 29, 2018

Unique CMV & EBV quantitative Real-Time PCR kits.

New HHV7 quantitative Real-Time PCR kit available. 

See this material.

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STD multiplex diagnostic kits

May 11, 2018

Due to using our STD multiplex Real-Time PCR diagnostics kits, laboratories can achieve significant cost reduction per one pathogen detection, save time and detect up to 4 targets in 1 tube. Interested how? See this material.

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