FEP kit

Order Deadlines

When ordering our PCR diagnostic kits, please keep on mind, that we have a schedule of regular order deadlines. To that date (till 14:00 pm, except Mondays indicated in table, when order has to be placed till 11:00 am of Central European Time, CET) it is essential to send us your official order to our e-mail address ecoli@ecoli.sk. If you have proforma invoice (if you pay in advance), our accounting department needs to have a payment confirmation (like scanned bank SWIFT) at least 1 day before deadline. These regular orders we prepare for production approx. every 2 weeks and the ordered kits are usually sent to you after another app. 4 weeks.

New order schedule dealines for year 2017:

Production number Day Order deadlines 
(14:00 pm or 11:00 am)
Date of products dispatching to customers
10.1. 13.2.
31.1. 6.3.
3/17 Thursday
currently on 16.2.
4/17 Thursday 2.3. 3.4.
5/17 Thursday 16.3. 21.4.
6/17 Monday 3.4. 2.5.
7/17 Tuesday 18.4. 24.5.
8/17 Wednesday 3.5. 7.6.
9/17 Thursday 18.5. 19.6.
10/17 Thursday 1.6. 3.7.
11/17 Friday 16.6. 18.7.
12/17 Monday 3.7. 7.8.
13/17 Tuesday 18.7. 21.8.
14/17 Thursday 3.8. 4.9.
15/17 Thursday 17.8. 20.9.
16/17             Monday             (till 11:00 of CET)
4.9. 16.10.
17/17             Monday            (till 11:00 of CET)
18.9. 23.10.
           Monday            (till 11:00 of CET)
2.10. around 8.11.
19/17 Wednesday 18.10. around 22.11.
20/17 Thursday 2.11. around 6.12.
21/17 Thursday 16.11. around 20.12.
22/17 Friday
1.12. XX.01.2018
23/17 Friday 15.12. around 31.1.2018

Due to the administration processes releated to the production and exporting of medical goods we have to keep this schedule. There is no way to change these dates, if an order was sent after deadline. In such case the only possibility is to include order into the next deadline. We would like to kindly ask you to precisely keep the ordering deadlines. 

We recommend to plan your and customer´s needs as well as to have some information from labs about what kits and what quantities will be needed. That will prevent delays in supplying of kits to the labs.

Required Information

Following information are required on the order:

  • order number
  • full shipping address + billing address
  • contact person, phone number and email of contact person (these information are needed for a courier company)
  • product names + catalog numbers + specifications (number of reactions) + amounts
  • special shipping requirements, if there are any 
  • VAT number (EU only) – this must be a valid VAT number, you can check your number on this page
  • indicate all special conditions on order (f.e. from previous email or phone communication)
  • if any changes are made after order is placed, please, resend order with all modifications

Terms of Payment

We accept payments by wire transfer. In special cases, we accept payments by Western Union.

How to Order

Orders are accepted when sent by email or fax:


Kits are thermosensitive and are shipped with ice packs (blue ice). Due to this, we have DHL courier company as a partner that guarantees fast delivery and good prices. Shippment depends on destination, weight and shipping box dimensions. Approximate price of a shippment costs can be send to you on demand. Different shipping model is acceptable after mutual communication.

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